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Patton, Christopher Drew - December 9, 2011




 Chris Patton

1972 - 2011


Chris Patton, who was and always will be an amazing husband and father, died peacefully in his sleep at home on Friday, December 9, 2011.  His untimely death was a shock to all who knew and loved him.


Chris was a proud Navy Veteran known to family and friends as Ferris.  Ferris, an only child, was born on May 4, 1972 in El Paso, Tx to Jack and Mickey Jo Patton.  He has been happily married to his soul mate, Rachal, since April 15, 2004, with whom he shared the last 15 years of his life.  Ferris and Rachal share 3 young children, their son; Lex and daughters; Wednesday and Piper. 


Ferris enjoyed his brief but everlasting Masonic brotherhood with the Argenta Lodge #3 F. & A. F.  He also enjoyed the time he spent with friends who he considered family whether they were gaming,  camping, or sat around the house.  Ferris was one of the 2nd amendments biggest fans.  One of Ferris’s favorite past times was reading, especially to his children.


Ferris is survived by his wife, Rachal and their children; Lex, who is almost 6 years old, Wednesday, who is 4 and Piper, who just turned 2.  Among other things, Rachal will miss all the little things in life that Ferris did to make it great, Lex will miss watching and playing games with his dad, Wednesday will miss all of her daddy’s hugs and cuddling, and Piper will miss her one on one time with Daddy.  His daily love and nurturing will be sorely missed by his family.  Ferris’s charismatic and outgoing personality as well as his self-proclaimed AWESOMENESS are just a few of the many things that will be missed by his friends and family.


Ferris was preceded in death by his father; Jack, an Army Veteran, in February 2010, and mother; Mickey Jo, in February 2011.


Services for Ferris will be held at Garner Funeral Home/Salt Lake Mausoleum, 1001 11th Ave., Salt Lake City, Utah; on Saturday, December 17th, at 2:00 p.m., open to any and all family and friends who wish to attend.  If you wish to send flowers, please send them to the Garner Funeral Home/Salt Lake Mausoleum.


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December 14, 2011

Almost 20 years ago you and I were adversaries in just about everything we did soon though we became associates and learned to trust each other even like each other. I have never made friends easily but those whom I do call friend have earned my respect, honor and love. In the last 8 years I have been proud to not only call you a friend but one of my best. Your family has become an extension of my own and I would call you a Brother.

This loss is immeasurable.

Rachal, Lex, Wednesday and Piper, I am so sorry. I cannot even begin to comprehend what you might be going through right now but I hope that you do know that you are not alone. We are here for you in any way that you need, we love you all.

Chris, you will be missed.

— Erick Nikols , American Fork , Utah


December 14, 2011

Rachel and babies...though it's not feasible to be there with you in person, please, know that you all are in our hearts. Ferris was a grandson (in marriage) but I knew how much he loved you and you loved him. You had three beautiful kids that will help you get through this. Life happens and we have to go with it even though sometimes you think you can't. You have the love and support of your family and friends that will help you pull through. You have beautiful memories to hold. God bless you. Love and hugs, Grandma, Karen, Mike and kids


December 14, 2011

Ferris, your passing has left a hole in the lives of your family, friends and Brethren that will never be filled. Rest in Peace, my Brother.

— Scott Harris , Magna , Utah


December 15, 2011

A tragic loss for both family and Freemasonry when such a Brother is called to higher service. Although we never met, I stand in respect to departed merit.

WBro Mike Pinfield
Lodge #34 Utah, & many units in the UK

— Mike Pinfield , London, UK


December 15, 2011

Ferris will be greatly missed. May his memory be a blessing to all who knew him.

— Erin Ruston , Salt Lake City , Utah


December 15, 2011

Im still numb and crying and still cant believe my friend/brother gone and leaving behind his young family . I so want to be there for them but cant I so want to here is voice and laffing again but wont or fell is arms around me as he hugs me but wont I know allot of people didn't like him BUT I LOVED HIM!!! He was I big part of my teenage to early 20's till he moved and even then I went to see him when I could and he me. yesterday I lost a piece of my heart that Ill never get back I love and will alleyways miss you my beloved Chris???

— Gidget Kujawa , El Paso , Texas


December 17, 2011

Losing Chris has left a large whole in the world as we know. He is and always will be a voice of reason in my life. My deepest condolences to Rachal and the "munckins". You, my friend, my brother, will never be forgotten, and missed daily.

— Dave DeWolf , Oro Valley , Arizona


December 17, 2011

Baby Girl, I'm so sorry that i can't be there. I'm going to try and get that way after the first of year. I love you and Ferris, haven't seen babies yet but i will. I don't care what time of day or night it is u need to talk u call me. Been there, know what you're going though. Wish i could say it gets easier, there are still going to be bad times. Just for now take one hour at a time, then one day at a time. You call me i mean it any time. LOVE YOU

— Barbara Tally-Glover 229 Canary Lane , jacksonville 72076 , Arkansas


December 19, 2011

Chris, what can I say? I should have contacted you years and years ago. Who knew when we were running around El Paso, causing all sorts of ruckus, that we would both grow up to be proper family men. I would love to have heard you talk about your family, to hear what was new in your life and to reminisce of our childhood years. We risked our necks over and over, recklessly jumping bicycles off of arroyo walls, climbing impossible fences, figuring out how to get into locked structures - just to see if we could. How about the time we painstakingly spent an entire week building a scale Spanish galleon, "The Santa Maria"? And then immediately after the model paint dried - artfully burnt it down to the waterline - from a beautiful work of art to a charred hunk of plastic reeking of rubber cement and rubbing alcohol, bobbing in a street puddle under a furious El Paso rainstorm.
What a coincidence that two months ago I found some letters you sent me when I first moved away from El Paso in 8th grade. A small window into our hopeful and younger selves. It renewed my resolve to find you, but I thought I had time.
I also remember some of the last times we talked (in ~1990?) and you asked me why life sucked sometimes. I didn't have an answer then, and I don't have an answer for your family now, but I hope I told you that it was going to get better. Because, it sounds like it really did. Three precious children and a loving wife - you hit that lottery, man.
Chris, you were the friend I needed back then, and I want to share with your friends and loved ones now just how much I treasured our times together. We fought off the boredom, helped each other deal with our personal "ogres," and kept each other(almost) sane, all while trying to have as much fun as possible.
Thanks man, rest well. Deepest condolences to your family and friends, we have all lost a special spirit.

— Martin Schalk , New York , New York


December 20, 2011

I was saddened to hear the news this afternoon, of the passing of Ferris. I worked with him at the Bookstore years back, and enjoyed his wry sense of humor, and stubborn opinions :) And even after he moved on from working with us, he still reached out to invite me to his wedding, which I was honored to attend. He was a great guy, and undoubtedly be missed by many, many people, including myself.
Much love and care to his beloved family during this difficult time.

— Ryan-Ashley Workman , Salt Lake City , Utah


December 21, 2011






— Rachal Patton , Salt Lake City , Utah


December 21, 2011


— Lex , Indy , and Sunshine (aka Stinker) Patton Babies , Salt Lake City , Utah


December 21, 2011


— Rachal, Bit, Indy and baby Sunshine Patton , Salt Lake City , Utah


December 28, 2011

Chris was a great man. I remember his Mom, Mickey, always talking about him, and about Rachal and the babies. She loved you all so much. I think of the pain and heartache for those remaining, but I also think of the joy and happiness on the other side as Jack, Mickey and Chris are now together again. I know they will all be watching over you Rachal and over their babies. May you feel his presence with you often. Much love, heartache and prayers to you all.

— Cindy Hess , Seattle , Washington


January 4, 2012

Dearest Rachal and Kids and Family,
I am still shocked and saddened by the sudden death of Chris - And I still don't know what to say that may offer any comfort to you. Sometimes things happen in life that seemingly have no reason or purpose, and leave only shattered lives in their wake - This is one of those times.
Rachal, I know you have a close family and I hope you are comforted by them, by your children, and by the love that you and Chris will always share. I know your family will help and support you as you build a new life for yourselves, but most of it will be up to you. Be strong - Be loving - Believe in yourself - Look for and see the joy and beauty in life, and you will make it through the dark days.
Please keep in touch - Much love from our family to yours...

— Tami, Jim and Connor McGinn , Pocatello , Idaho


April 11, 2012

I Miss You !!!!!

— Your Princess Always And Forever , Utah


December 29, 2012

Chris... I have been searching for u for yrs! And for some reason you have been on my mind so much... so i decided to "google" you one more... my heart just sunk... you were my first love... my friend... I cant believe your gone... my heart and prayers go to ur wife and to ur kideos.... I dont understand... you werent even 40 yrs old.... I will pass the news on to my brother... you were so loved and larger than life... you always shined... it was impossible for you to walk into a room and not be noticed... God bless yiu and your beautiful family... Im so sorry... love you Chris...

— Eryca (miller) Derheimer , clovis , California


December 30, 2012

You used to call me "Sparky". Life was never dull when you were near. My friend, I am sorry that you had to leave us.

To Rachal, Lex, Wednesday, and Piper, Chris will be missed.

— Mark Slayton , Seattle , Washington




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